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                                                                                                                                           Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston' wedding photo                        LA Keyboardist Rob Mullins

Courtesy FAQ for Rob Mullins Fans
This webpage contains legal, public information provided as a courtesy to Rob Mullins fans about Rob's performance at the Brad Pitt-Jennifer Anniston Wedding.
Any musician interested in making it big and what an LA musician's life is like should check out and the huge amount of recorded music,

Disclaimer about the Pitt-Anniston wedding
It was public information prior to Rob's signing of his confidential disclosure document on Friday July 28, 2000 that Rob was to perform at the Pitt-Anniston Wedding. Knowing nothing about a legal agreement that would have to be signed in order to do the gig, and having a scheduling conflict that had to be resolved in order to make the rehearsals and do the regularly scheduled gigs, word did get out. Information provided below is in compliance with his contract and contains nothing which is intended or could be construed as gossip or harmful intent to any person involved in the event or otherwise. This page is not a "tell-all" story, and contains no secret information- but is a courtesy page created to satisfy the curiousity of Rob Mullins fans.


Q. So Rob, bust out the photos of you and Brad Pitt dood!
A. Uh, not so fast Sparky. To be honest, I don't have any pictures.

Q.You have got to be kidding! Why the heck not?
A. Nope, I'm not kidding. I took the gig before I knew that I would have to sign seven pages of legal documents to keep my mouth shut before I was allowed entry to the final rehearsals on site at the wedding location. Part of the agreement that I had to make was that I would not take any pictures, tape any conversations, or create any problems.

Q. Jeez, that seems pretty snotty of them. Why do celebrities think so much of themselves that they won't tell anyone including the people close to their big events what is going on?
A. Unfortunately, from what I can see in Hollywood, most celebrities have to protect themselves from a lot of crazy people out there. All it would take is for one person with a gun or one person with a taping device to get into an event like this one to ruin everyone's day. If you are on their side looking from their point of view, imagine what it could be like with 20 or 30 musicians, a 60 person choir, 100 catering people and cooks all trying to get photos for their friends and families. Most likey, if picture taking were allowed, no one would have had time to get married yet...LOL.

Q. Ok, I can understand that. Still, sure seems like the Hollywood Celebs are pretty full of themselves and really try to make their lives out to be some big deal that normal people can't be a part of. Wassup with that?
A. Every occupation has people who are full of themselves as part of the workforce, I don't think Hollywood is any better or worse really. Like many things in life, you don't really understand things until you are in that exact situation, then the light bulb goes on.

Q. You are being pretty vague about this. So how do we know you were REALLY there at all?
A. Apparently, one of the guest performers at the wedding who goes by the stage name "Dekota" went on Good Morning America on Monday and spilled his guts about everything. I'm sure he has some webpage up somewhere and you could email him and ask him, or try and get the text from the TV broadcast. I would hate to be him right now, as his legal bill is going to be astronomical I would imagine.

Q. Why do you say that?
A. From what I can remember, the fine per instance of mention or harrassement of a celebrity for this event was $100,000 per instance. So, for example, if he said something that could be construed as damaging to say, 10 people, his legal liability would be 1 million dollars.

Q. Yeah, but he is going to be really famous I bet!
A. Well, maybe, but he is also going to be very out of work is my guess.

Q. So, who all was at the event then?
I looked around on the net today when I got up, there is a page you might want to go to at this location.

Q. I saw helicopters flying over that house on the news.. what was the deal with that?
A. Channel Four News in Los Angeles reported that the Malibu Sherriff's Deptmartment helicopters were the ones flying overhead..strategically low flying balloons were placed over the site, presumably to discourage any low flying other helicopters.

Q. Can you tell us what they were wearing, and about the fashion stuff?
A. I think the website listed above could possibly help you with those kinds of questions.

Q. Ok, I get the picture, you are basically not going to tell us much about the details are you?
A. Well, as I drove up to the site, I was stopped by a news truck and gave them an interview. Would you like to know how went? It was before I signed the confidentiality agreement.

Q. Well, of COURSE! Spill the beans!
A. Ok, here roughly is what I remember.
Newsperson: "So you obviously are a musician. Are you going to the Brad Pitt wedding which is across the street at that house over there?"(she pointed at the house across the street).
Me: "Well, actually, that house belongs to my Aunt Zelda."
Newsperson: "Your Aunt Zelda?"
Me: "Yeah, she's having bridge tomorrow and I think those old ladies are going to THROW DOWN."
Newsperson: "Oh come on, we have it on good word that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston are getting married in that house over there tomorrow. What do you know about that?"
Me: "Wow, if that is the case, Zelda is going to be pretty pissed off...last thing she needs is more young whippersnappers blowing her groove during one of her blowout parties."
(Newsperson walks away in frustration)

Q. So can you tell us if doing celebrity events is really as fun as it seems to the outside world?
I think that I am very lucky to be in a position to be doing high profile gigs, and they seem to be coming my way a lot lately for some reason. Most of these type events really involve very little to do with actual music, which always kind of bums me out, because I got into music because I love to play it. The previous two weeks were an absolute zoo...trying to manage all the rehearsals, which were very intense, numerous, and involved several secret locations and a ton of guest performers-most of whom didn't have charts to their songs... so for most of that, musical charts had to be created by listening to the cd's over and over prior to the rehearsals..... dealing with equipment issues for all the other gigs I do, and keeping all the charts separated for the different gigs and bands, remembering the directions to everywhere, getting everywhere on time during a lot of rush hour driving.. it can be pretty grueling frankly.

Q. So to see you hanging out with the stars and stuff, what do we need to do?
A. The best thing to do is to check my live gig schedule and be sure to refresh or reload the page each time you go so you get the new show information.
I'm doing gigs in southern California and some jazz festival touring, so come along for the ride and see what happens!


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