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Laura Bradley

Laura Bradley-LA Rockstar, composer, keyboardist, bandleader of The Longing. New CD: "Bleed."

"Working with Rob has stretched my musical abilities and raised the bar of my composition and performance goals. Iíve entered the place where I am finally understanding the musical language Iíve hungered to speak for so long.  
As a composer, Rob helps his student improve their songwriting skills.  As a pianist, Rob shapes the techniques that create an emotionally powerful instrumental performance.  As a drummer, Rob instills a sense of rhythm and timing that no metronome can compete with! Robís LA studio is a safe place for rock musicians to develop and hone their technique, ultimately creating a much stronger live show.   

Robís coaching has given me the confidence to create and tour with a solo piano rock show as well as strengthening my abilities to be a better, stronger and more self-assured front woman and bandmate.Ē

- Laura Bradley

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"Laura is a talented singer, amazing writer, and developing musician. When she came into my program a year ago, she was working on putting her recorded songs from her album "Bleed" into a live show. One of the first things we had to do was to move all of the piano parts to the keys that the album songs ended up being in rather than the keys she composed the songs in in the first place. I worked also with her on the challenges faced by a lot of rock keyboardists: co-ordinating difficult keyboard parts with vocal parts that are two entirely different rhythms, hearing the keyboard in the rehearsal environment, creating solo piano/voice versions of the album songs so that she could perform the album material in any musical situation, and use of pedal. She is a fabulous musician and singer who has incorporated my training into her show and now is performing at the Viper Room in Hollywood, CA."-Rob Mullins

 Laura Bradley new album "Bleed"

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