Rob Mullins The Edge Of Dreams


Rob Mullins: The Edge Of Dreams  

Artist: Rob Mullins Composer: Rob Mullins
(c) Rob Mullins Publishing 2010 (BMI) All rights reserved.

New 2010 Release of piano music by Rob Mullins. Available online only.
Released April 2010. 90 second song previes at
iTunes and Amazon.
Top Singles at iTunes: Ethernet Arpeggios and Short Circus
Description: 12 New compositions by jazz and multi-genre artist Rob Mullins. Recorded between Dec 2008 and Jan 2010. Rob explores classical influences of Debussy, Beethoven, and harmonic influences of George Russell. 

Product Details

  • Digital Only Release April 26, 2010
  • Official Release Date: April 26, 2010
  • Label: Rob Mullins Entertainment (RME)


  • Rob Mullins - Piano

Track Listing

1.   G Minor-4:35

2.   The Edge Of Dreams-5:47

3.   Short Circus-2:36

4.   Beethoven's Chromatic Universe-3:38

5.   Ethernet Arpeggios-5:15

6.   Journey To Remembering-7:13

7.   Lucidity I-4:53

8.   Lucidity II-4:14

9.   Lucidity III-4:35

10.   The Voice-3:08

11.   Waltz-3:06
At Peace-4:21

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  ROB MULLINS The Edge Of Dreams

This album was born almost all at once in December of 2008 during the lead up
to the holiday season. I recorded most of the songs which were improvisations on
one afternoon.
Many interruptions occurred during the following time period and I had to put the
project aside until late in 2009 when I finally had time to listen to what I had
recorded. I decided that I liked most of the pieces, but I felt that three of them
didn't fit with the theme of the album so I needed to go back into the studio
and record more material.
During January and early February of this year I was able to find time to come
back to the sounds and ideas of the project, and to record "Waltz", "Ethernet
Arpeggios", and "At Peace."
The only piece on this album that was practiced or rehearsed was "Short Circus" which
I recorded in December of 2008 and required organization because of its rhythmic
difficulty level. The rest of the songs are all improvisations.

The music is largely about the state of dreaming, and going beyond that state and
exploring other areas of consciousness, which is hard to do intellectually but very easy
if you are in the right creative frame of mind. Getting into the frame of mind to fit the
theme of the album was most challenging but was aided by people in my life who were
activitely exploring other parts of themselves and levels of reality that go beyond
traditional living.

As with all my projects, great effort and time was spent in the sequencing of the songs
so as to give the listener a particular specific experience-as far as any composer can
do that while being completely at the mercy of the listener's environment and state of mind
while having the listening experience.

I would suggest to anyone who gets this album to listen to it on headphones in a quiet place
with no distractions. This will allow the album to be heard in a proper context.

Thanks to Thomas Haney for his brilliant art and continued support of my music as an artist.
Happy listening!-Rob Mullins March 28 2010 LA CA USA


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