Olivia Olson is a former Rob Mullins student

Rob Mullins Singer/Songwriter Program

Singer-songwriters receive considerable acclaim in the music industry today, as the public enjoys and now demands authenticity in music.  Vocalists wishing to have an edge in this highly competitive arena require skills beyond their voices to work with instrumentalists and to write their own material.  Rob evaluates the students' musical abilities, and presents ideas to improve their vocal and instrumental skills.  The vocalist learns methods for self-accompaniment on the piano and/or guitar, charting music, transposing, and various piano styles.  For any musical style, topics covered include hit artist studies, song structure, composition and arrangements.

Singer/Songwriter Program Graduates include Olivia Olson (Nickelodeon Network), Sophia Melon (Disney), Amber Stevens (Greek),  Jonathan Blake and Sarah Ingraham

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