Monica Burnett


Rob Mullins is easily the best piano teacher in Los Angeles. He is the best teacher I have ever had. After just a few lessons my singer songwriter style was greatly improved.
I played songs I had tried to play for years in a professional way. I learned how to play with a band and how to play solo. I learned so many more choices when playing a piece. My confidence grew immensely. Friends saw the improvement right away who had seen me perform for years. When I first started my lessons I was so bored with my own playing. He made it so easy to understand and so much fun to play and learn. He is the best.

   -Monica Burnett



Audio Sample:

Monica Burnett performs her original song Sleep Sleep My Baby.mp3

Message from Rob:

Monica is a mature and strong singer/songwriter who is much deserving of
the success now coming her way. The song here of hers "Sleep Sleep My Baby" is one she just sat down and did live start to finish in my studio a few
weeks ago. No punch in recording, no fixes, just straight from the heart
great performance from a gifted writer.