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Mike Wilcox

Jazz Studies Program, Student2Artist Candidate

Above: Rob Mullins and Mike Wilcox at The Minefield Studio


   Through referrals, we found Rob as Michael entered high school and
he has been taking private lessons on a weekly basis ever since. Rob is a   fantastic teacher with a deep understanding of the fundamentals and          theory of jazz and an unusual ability to teach it clearly and make it fun.      As a result of Robís teaching, Michael has been the lead keyboard player     for his schoolís ďA bandĒ for the past two years and has been asked to       help teach the other keyboard players in the schoolís ďBĒ band. We             consistently get positive feedback from teachers and judges at                   competitions about Michaelís knowledge of the fundamentals of jazz and      his performing. Michael is also currently doing an internship with Rob to      produce another jazz instructional book to be published some time later      this year.

Michael is now in his senior year in high school and is applying to major in jazz studies in college. Rob has provided invaluable assistance in the production and direction of his demo CDs and DVDs that have been required as part of the application process. On top of his outstanding teaching and performing abilities, Rob is fantastic at relating to teenagers and has been a great mentor and friend to Michael throughout his high school years. We canít recommend him more highly!

- Bruce and Nancy Wilcox




Audio Sample:

 Mike Wilcox Performs "Letter to Evan" By Bill Evans
 Mike Wilcox Performs "Humoresque In G" By Racmaninoff


 Mike Wilcox Performs Billie's Bounce

Message from Rob

During the course of these four years of us working together, Michael has exhibited strong qualities in many areas. He grasped easily the mathematic side of jazz piano voicings and compositional structures. He took my class material many steps further in these areas by studying jazz history and composition by period and recording, and created his own analytical charts and documents on jazz which were superior to anything I have seen any high school student do in the many years I have been teaching. He also readily assimilated the knowledge I presented to him about pop music, contemporary church music and jazz combo playing, and quickly became invaluable in his community by becoming second in command of the music program at his church provided many services to the leader. He also was put in charge of the jazz combo at his high school and has successfully run it for two years and contributed valuable time and service working along side the school band director.

Mike has exhibited such strong abilities with the theoretical side of jazz piano and analysis of intervals and their relationship to the piano that he became an intern in my program working along side me on a new piano book of very challenging material that will be presented to Hal Leonard Publishing upon its completion here. Mike is a great leader, team player, notator, and organizer. His classical playing is stellar and he has now been accepted to University of Miami, University of Northern Colorado, Lawrence University as well as Cal State Long Beach-home of 88.1 FM KJAZZ. Congratulations Mike!

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