Frankie Cendejas

Jazz Studies, Improvisation

I asked Greg Vail one day if he could help me learn how to navigate chord changes better without having to rely on my ear and he recommended I study with Rob Mullins. I wanted to study for the summer figuring that would be enough to get me in the right direction. Little did I know Rob was going to take me in a much DEEPER direction and has shown me a new appreciation for Jazz that I never had before. Through his studies and inspiration Iím now on a path of old school Jazz and Improvisation that I thought I could never attempt before. This journey is exciting, even frustrating at times but Iím excited about my future as a jazz musician. Thank you Rob.

  -Frankie Cendejas



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Frankie Cendejas-Trumpet-performs No Me Platiques Mas.mp3

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Message from Rob:

Frankie is an established recording artist with a visible presence in
Orange County, on, and in the world music community. We are working on broadening his improvisational vocabulary through my jazz
studies program.