Rates, Payment Policies, Lesson Times, Other Information

  • Rates vary due to the highly diverse nature of the professional curriculums presented, but generally range from $75.00 to $150.00 an hour. In financial hardship cases, we often will supply a scholarship dependent on the situation.
  • All applicants must do a talent evaluation session before being admitted to the program.
  • I run my program like a University Program. Think of being my student as a chance with working with the highest level teacher you would find at a University.
  • A representative or I personally will discuss your situation with you to work out the details. We are very flexible with sincere students that work hard to reach their goals and are sympathetic to students with special hardships or funding problems. Student2Artist students have a much more intensive schedule than others because of the recording of their personal audio CD.
  • I teach on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays during the day in Brentwood/Santa Monica/West LA areas. I do teach on other days of the week via Skype. Requirements for Skype students are different from students attending lessons in person. Email for more info.
  • Students buy and I reserve their time slot. There is no cancellation policy.
  • Materials-Dependent on what your musical needs are, I will determine what material you will need to purchase for your area of study. With over 25000 hours of teaching experience, I wil be able to spot your weaknesses and assess your needs very quickly.  You will need to get books I recommend.  Every week, you will need to bring blank staff paper in a book form so that I can write your exercises and assignments in it. I will often recommend important books, recordings, websites, theortical ideas and other teachers to support your individual needs as a growing musician and performer.
  • I do not allow visitors to observe, take notes or join you at a private lesson unless they are taking lessons with you. My instruction can be fast paced, and I will need your undivided attention for you to receive full benefit of my expertise. The studios have a comfortable waiting areas where parents can wait and there are plenty of restaurants and shopping nearby.
  • I encourage you to record your lessons because I cover so much material so quickly. When you have a question during the week about your lesson, you can refer to your tape and write down anything you need to know so that you can ask at your next  lesson. As much as we would like to, we can't teach you over the phone, so you will have to make your time count when we are working together on your music. You cannot make copies of the lesson tapes or sell them, put them on the web, or use them for anything other than your private use.
  • You must make at least a three month commitment if you are beginning student for my programs to work for you. If you decide to stop after the three months is completed, let us know at least two weeks in advance. Busy actors and actresses preparing for personal appearances are an exception and we are more flexible in those cases-especially for important castings and movie role auditions.
  • I require all students that sign up to pay on a monthly basis at the first of the month. All prospective students must do a talent evaluation and interview before becoming my student.

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