For pianists especially, this is the most comprehensive and fun curriculum available.

Rob Mullins Jazz Studies Program

Rob Mullins Jazz Studies Program focuses on piano technique, sight reading, learning Real Book songs, improvisation, the Blues, structural analysis of jazz compositions, jazz phrasing and interpretation, as well as transcription skill development. Books included are Jazz Piano Voicings, Blues Step by Step, Letís Play Jazz, and Rob Mullins Jazz Play Alongs audio curriculum combining reading jazz charts with recorded versions of standards including solos that the student can readily adapt and follow for use in their own performances.
You'll want to sign up for this curriculum if you need help with improvisation.

Jazz Piano Voicings, improvisation and comping over chord changes, music theory, and arranging for jazz trio and vocalists are covered in this curriculum.

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If you need help with jazz chords, my book is available at Amazon.
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  Jazz Piano Chord Voicings Book by Rob Mullins

 Jazz Chord Voicings by Rob Mullins on Hal Leonard






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