Solo Piano for the holidays: Rob Mullins Winter Dreams


Winter Dreams
Rob Mullins

Decription: Solo Piano project that includes a holiday medley of Christmas music.
Hit songs: "Lullaby", "Christmas Medley", "And Now The Sun", "Winter Mood."


Product Details

  • iTunes Digital Format (2005)
  • Original CD Release Date: 1998


  • Rob Mullins - Piano, Composer
  • Greg Vail - Flute on title track
  • Recorded 1998 Much too Loud Studios LA CA
  • Producer: Rob Mullins
  • Engineer: Rob Mullins
  • All songs by Rob Mullins except the Christmas Medley
  • (c) copyright Rob Mullins Publishing (BMI) 1998-2008

Track Listing

1.   Winter Moods
2.   Etude
3.   Lullaby
4.   Christmas Medley
5.   Falling Snow
6.   Morning View
7.   Safe and Warm
8.   And Now the Sun
9.   Winter Dreams

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