PlanetMullins July 1998 News:
Rob returns from the Bruce Willis Tour
to a busy studio production schedule

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"Touring with Bruce: three chords, five stars."-Doug Hamblin

Planetmullins meets Planethollywood

Rob Mullins' keyboards add new flavor to the blues-rock sounds of the Bruce Willis Band

LOS ANGELES-July 3,1998
by Laura Harrison

Rob Mullins, LA-based keyboard wiz and producer, returned recently from the Bruce Willis "End of the World" tour with a smile on his face, and stories to tell.
Mullins, an underrated jazz and pop musician with diverse talents, appears to be stepping out of the shadows now as his worldwide visibility grows in 1998.
According to Mullins, touring with Bruce was a first class and exciting experience which he won't soon forget.
"I'm afraid to tell people how much fun it was: truly this was the dream tour that every musician wishes he or she could be a part of" said Mullins.
Some of the countries that Rob performed in with the Willis band, which is called "The Accelerators", included France (Cannes PlanetHollywood), Switzerland (Grand Opening Party for PlanetHollywood in Zurich), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and the UK (5th year Anniversary Party for London PlanetHollywood).

Most music enthusiasts would see the pairing of Rob, who is best known for his work in Jazz and R&B, with Willis, who is a Blues and Rock singer, as unusual. "I think the thing that most people don't understand about a well-rounded jazz musician" says Mullins, "is that when you have learned the vocabulary of jazz, all the other kinds of music are relatively easy in comparison."
"I grew up with the music of the late 60's and 70's anyway, and that is where a lot of the source music for Bruce's show comes from" he added.
The mix of Bruce and Rob seemed to be a real hit on the tour, as Rob was featured extensively as a soloist, and got numerous ovations from the audiences.
When I asked Rob about the highs and lows of the "End of the World" tour, here's what he had to say:
"I'd have to say that playing in the Middle East to a huge outdoor crowd, and meeting Cindy Crawford, Brooke Shields, and Stallone were the high points" Rob said.
"The lowest was when our trombone player had a stroke while we were in the check-in line at the airport in the Persian Gulf, and the road manager was not there with our passports" he added.

Rob's latest CD's available for your listening pleasure in the CD listening room.

Now that Rob is back in Los Angeles, he is continuing his recording and producing careers with studio projects, and his regular Friday performances at Kikuya in Huntington Beach. click here to go on the tour with Rob, see the photos, and read the details.



The Accelerators

While in London, Bruce belts one out while Rob backs him on the keys.


Rob Mullins wows crowd with keyboard virtuosity in Middle East


Just by accident, Rob ended up backstage with the Janet Jackson band in Switzerland while on tour with Bruce. Click the Backstage pass above to see how he did it.


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