The Blues Step by Step for Keyboard Players-IN STOCK!
- Rob Mullins

Learn the Blues from the most simple form to the most complex with audio and notation examples. Take the Blues from Step 1 to Step 12-professional musician status.

This 83 page book is based on a simple Duke Ellington blues titled “C Jam Blues” and shows you every step of right hand and left hand combinations arranged and printed out for you to read or just use your ears by playing along with the CD.

Part two of the Book and CD give you melodic licks to play over the chord changes so that you can start building an improvisational vocabulary of jazz and blues licks right away!

The 43-track Play Along CD (which you will download-it will not be shipped) features the Blues Changes recorded in ALL TWELVE KEYS so everything you learn in C you can play in all the other keys with a professional jazz rhythm section.  Every page of written exercises includes a piano, bass, and drums version as well as NO PIANO versions so you can be the star!

Listen to sample "C Jam Blues" (mp3)

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User Reviews

"This book was the fastest way I've seen for building solos and cool vocabulary for piano playing. I have been working with it for a few months in Rob's student program and I highly recommend it."

-Lee Lontoc, Manhattan Beach CA.

"There is more about jazz and blues style in the first 20 pages of this book than all the other books on my shelf combined. You can't go wrong with this material."

-Randy Holmes LA CA


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