Rob Mullins Trio
The Rob Mullins Trio originally started out as a back up band to Denver club singer Ron Henry in 1983. The band was working during the week at the Bay Wolf Club in Cherry Creek (swanky part of Denver) and doing other shows on the weekends with other bands including the Rob Mullins Band.
The trio of Rob Mullins-piano, Marty Ruddy-bass, and John Pisci-drums became popular. This version of the Trio performed live with the Denver Symphony at Washington Park in Denver, CO. The Symphony blocked the release of the recording-the only recording of the group with an orchestra.
The Trio recorded “Fired Up” an acoustic trio album with Marty Ruddy and John Pisci in 1983.  Mullins was actively recording new music he was composing during this period at Daystar Studios in Denver, and made the decision to move forward with newer music (the Soulscape project) rather than spend the money to promote “Fired Up.”
“Soulscape” went on to get major attention around the US and prompted the move of the Trio to Los Angeles. Drummer John Pisci did not make the move, but pianist Mullins and bass player Marty Ruddy did.
Pisci was replaced by drummer Gregg Field (Count Basie, Ray Charles) and the group did numerous club gigs around LA until recording the “Jazz Jazz” album in 1989 with new members Joel Taylor and Brian Bromberg. Bassist Marty Ruddy left Los Angeles and moved to Medford, OR to pursue a new band. Sadly, he passed away in 1996 after taking a fall.
Dave Carpenter (bass) joined the group for a time staying on to perform at many shows and to record the “Tokyo Nights” album. The Trio toured Japan extensively during this time with the lineups of Mullins, Taylor, Carpenter and Mullins, Ruddy, Thompson (Larry Thompson, Denver drummer).
Rob Mullins Trio has continued through the years as a popular private group in the LA/Hollywood circuit doing gigs for corporate events and private parties at The Shave in Beverly Hills. The most recent tour was to Moscow, Russia in January 2008. The Trio is available for performances at Festivals.
SOURCES:, Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
Rob Mullins Trio
Artist: Rob Mullins Trio
Formed: 1983-present
Music: Straight Ahead Jazz
Also: Latin Jazz
Booking: 310-572-7245
Largest Show: Washington Park, Denver, CO 44,000 fans
Most interesting show: Moscow, Russia UC Club
First Recording: Fired Up, 1983 RME
Latest Recording: Jazz Straight Ahead RME 2008
Landmark Personnel:
Rob Mullins-piano, Brian Bromberg-bass, Joel Taylor, drums (1980’s, 1990’s)
Rob Mullins-piano, Marty Ruddy-bass, Larry Thompson-drums (1980’s, 1990’s)
Rob Mullins-piano, Dave Carpenter-bass, Joel Taylor-drums (1990’s)
Rob Mullins-piano, Ndugu Chancler-drums, Larry Kimpel-bass (1990’s)
Rob Mullins-piano, Larry Antonino-bass, Tiki Pasillas-drums (2000’s)
Photos below   Tour Photos
Vladimir Koltsov, Igor Ignatov, Rob Mullins Moscow, Russia Jan  ’08
Photo: Anna Gladkikh
Dean Rohan, Rob Mullins, Adam Cohen at Steinway Hall LA,CA June “07
Photo: Jacquie Coe
Rob Mullins Trio July 2008
Rob Mullins-piano, Glen Fischer-bass, Russell Bizzett-drums
Photo: Greg Nunn
Rob Mullins, Tiki Pasillas, Larry Antonino The Shave Beverly Hills CA Mar ’08
Photo: Louis Schwartz
BOOKING: Call 310-572-7245
References: Snowbird Jazz Fest